Jim and Penny Caldwell's story of their 12 year experience living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reads more like a riveting novel of danger and intrigue than the true life story of a couple drawn to the Middle East because of employment in the oil and gas industry. With what began as a fascinating job opportunity there for Jim, he & Penny, along with their two small children Lucas and Chelsea took residence in the Eastern Province of Arabia on the Persian Gulf in the late 1980's. Little did they know that four years later they would be living "life on the edge" on a tumultuous covert mission, trekking through the ancient desert to research the archeological remains and location of the real Mount Sinai in the northwest corner of the country: a portion of the Hejaz mountain range better known as "Jebel al Lawz." Yes, we're talking about the same mountain of the Biblical account and the 40 year wandering of the Israelites. The Saudis have this area fenced in and actively guarded; a sharp warning to anyone attempting to get a closer look. "WHY?" one may ask. That's where the intrigue begins....

With 15 trips into this area along with their photographs and video evidence, not to mention the many detailed journals from each excursion that Penny wrote on site, the Caldwell's field reports make them the MOST experienced and knowledgeable westerners on the topic of Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia. Books, videos, and websites about this topic have all been produced for others around the evidence Jim and Penny continued to uncover and share year after year, though their names could not be known while still inside the kingdom. Their live presentation will take one on a riveting experience to the very edge of their seats as they are now finally able to share about backpacking their way into restricted areas and behind forbidden fences, leading them at times to arrest at gunpoint by the frontier forces police.  Never the less, they were "called" back to the mountain to gather as much data as possible, for they knew their mandate would one day be to take that which is actively being hidden away from sight to the world! And this, in of all places in Saudi Arabia!

Since returning to the USA, they formed the Split Rock Research Foundation, and continue to work with scholars and scientists from around the world on the topic of Sinai in Arabia. The Caldwell's have shared their story and the evidence they have uncovered at numerous speaking opportunities in front of live and diverse audiences; they have been interviewed by various media outlets; and they have been filmed in documentaries and on television programs.    Portions of their findings are also to be featured in a new film by Timothy Mahoney.  Information can be found at www.patternsofevidence.com.

Thank you for your time and for reading this press release about Jim and Penny's captivating story. I hope to speak with you soon about ways in which we can share their experience and their findings with others through various booking opportunities.

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