We have had so much feedback over the years about these pretty little flakes that we decided it was time to give everyone that wants to see a peek at them! They were truly a phenomenon not only because in this particular region of Saudi Arabia it only snows appreciably every 50-75 years, but also because the snowflakes were in fact, all the same! Science tells us that is not supposed to happen.

Of higher interest still to us was the shape: not the lacy, frilly patterns normally associated with snowflakes…these were all filled in like cookies cut from a mold! And believe it or not, they were all perfect little Stars of David!

Is there a logical explanation? Not that I can give you, and not that any of the scientific community that we have shown this video to can give you at this time. Even people who have lived their lives in snowy climates have remarked to us that they’ve never seen anything like these snowflakes before.

We hope that seeing them invokes in you the joy and wonder they always bring to us!