Throughout the years since 1992, we have shared video and photographs of the enormous volume of evidence inside Arabia with many different people. We have also shared some of our original ideas based upon that evidence. Though there were several individuals that had already been to the mountain area and thought it to be in fact, the real Mt. Sinai, none were able to spend more than a few days at a time in the area.  It has been our great fortune to have been able to make fourteen trips into Madyan in northwest Saudi Arabia, and to have at least 5-7 days to spend on each occasion. This has given us a unique perspective on many vitally important issues in connection with the Exodus account of the Israelites journey to, experience at, and wandering from the real Mount Sinai that has been previously unavailable to the world. 

During the time we were inside the country it was imperative that our names not be connected with the documentation we were providing to those having claimed this to be the real Mount Sinai. This is why our names have never been mentioned on all this information before.   The following is a compilation of some of the individuals and organizations that have and are currently using our photographs and videos and/or some of those original ideas that the evidence defines:


DVD's, Videos, Tapes, & Slides
The Mountain of Fire, by Dean River Productions
The Search for the Real Mount Sinai, by Monument Pictures
Digging Up the Truth, by Chuck Missler & Bob Cornuke
The Exodus Revealed, by Discovery Media Productions
Presentation of Discoveries, by Ron Wyatt
Discovered: Exodus, by Ron Wyatt
A Tour of Wyatt Museum With Richard Rives, by Wyatt Archeological Research         
Michael Rood - A Rood Awakening

Books & Publications
In Search of "The Mountain of God", by Robert Cornuke & David Halbrook
Relic Quest, by Robert Cornuke
"The Exodus Case", by Lennart Moller
"Discovered! Wyatt Archeological Research

The Lost Mountain of God Board Game for children

In addition to all the various items listed above where our photos, videos, and information are already to be found, there are dozens of websites out there which have been using our materials for several years.  The original associations were with those we first shared our film and research with.  However, these organizations have literally spread this information around the world.  Most of it has been retold with a good degree of accuracy, yet there are some errors that we will now correct to reflect the exact truth as it applies to us and the actual course of events leading us into the very center of this story.

Websites Using Our Research/Film (Too numerous to list exhaustively)
All websites listed below should not necessarily be considered an endorsement by Jim and Penny Caldwell.