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Special combination package!  THE GOD OF THE MOUNTAIN book AND SINAI IN ARABIA LIVE PRESENTATION DVD together.  See Combo section of the store for details!

Our latest DVD, GLC's LIGHT OF THE SOUTHWEST: INTERVIEW MOLLER-CALDWELL, has arrived!  This is the third appearance we made on GLC's Light of the Southwest broadcast, and with us was our colleague and dear friend, Dr. Lennart Moller.  Dr. Moller shares from his vast experience and knowledge concerning the Exodus from Egypt, and the archeological remains in both Egypt and Saudi Arabia.  With slides and film, we discuss with Dr. Moller and Al & Tommie Cooper, founders of GLC, the evidence.  A powerful DVD!

Well, it's finally ready!  In all our travels we are asked repeatedly to make available the power point presentation we deliver to live audiences; and we are happy to announce it's now here!  SINAI IN ARABIA LIVE PRESENTATION is a DVD of our multi media event at Calvary Chapel San Jose, taped in late September 2009, with some of the most current information available about Jebel Lawz in Saudi Arabia!  This presentation includes photographs and video from the area, as well as our own theories regarding the land the Israelites actually wandered and what impact that could have if proven correct! 

Brand new and hot off the press!  This is one we've been eagerly awaiting for a long time!  Dr. Miles Jones, PhD, has just released his new book, THE WRITING OF GOD: SECRET OF THE REAL MOUNT SINAI!  Dr. Jones has been involved in intense research for many years concerning the subject of the origin of the alphabet, and has uncovered a startling and amazing connection between the rock inscriptions on the Arabian Peninsula and the Israeli Exodus from Egypt. The location of the real Mt. Sinai has been long debated.  Yet Scripture states it to be in Midian in Arabia, where researchers have found stunning archeological evidence of the events of the Exodus including inscriptions from its base, which reveal an incredible secret of the Bible!  The "writing of God", written by "the finger of God", is the first alphabetic writing!  Dr. Jones previous work as a director of university English programs in the United Arab Emirates and as a specialist with the U.S. government in Yemen training military officers allowed him to begin his research in the field.  Full of color photos and multiple illustrations, you won't want to miss this tremendous new discovery! 

The DVD of the program from God's Learning Channel called "LIGHT OF THE SOUTHWEST", hosted by founders Al and Tommie Cooper, is as popular as ever! We are interviewed about all our Arabian exploits, and show numerous video clips and photographic evidence of the region in Saudi Arabia believed to be Biblical Midian, where Moses met with  God on Mt. Sinai.  The show has replayed many times in response to numerous requests. 

We have made another new photo available to the public of the cave many believe to be Elijah's Cave, showing the tree thought to be an almond tree between the two massive rocks high above it.  This one's really a beautiful image!

My book, THE GOD OF THE MOUNTAIN, continues as another much requested favorite!  This is the story everyone has been asking us for, and deals with the incredible series of events that led us directly to the base of Jebel Lawz in Saudi Arabia.   

Also, Dr. Lennart Moller's newest edition of his book, THE EXODUS CASE, is still in stock! A most comprehensive edition, this is a remarkable book filled with a tremendous amount of new information as well as full color photographs. 

All are available in the Store section of this website!


Through this format we will begin to share the amazing adventures our family has had in the land of Saudi Arabia. For 12 years we had the privilege of living within the kingdom and took every opportunity available to us to scour the desert for archeological remains. Our experiences during the course of those years have been nothing short of fantastic!

For the last nine of those years we were involved in a covert research project that we had to be extremely quiet about while still in kingdom. It has taken until now to be able to speak freely regarding the actual findings. This, of course, concerns the locating of the real Mount Sinai within the Northern Hejaz mountains in the northwest corner of Saudi Arabia.

We spent a month in Egypt in January of 1992, on a trip that has forever altered the direction of our lives. On our way back to Saudi Arabia we were led by a series of what some would call coincidences right to the very mountain that we were searching for. We recently completed our new book, entitled, THE GOD OF THE MOUNTAIN, which details the actual story of the awesome events of that trip. (The book is now available in the Store!)

Since that first Egyptian adventure, we have been out to the region where the mountain is for observation and study more than a dozen times, and have had the rare opportunity to have visited for days at a time the areas that so few have been allowed to enter. We have made some personal discoveries that have literally been broadcast around the world, but we have never been able to admit our involvement until now. Most of the film and still photography that is on the internet on various sites and that which has been made into videos and books about Mount Sinai in Arabia has been ours.

And now it is time to tell the whole story. There is so much more evidence we have uncovered there that we have never revealed in the public realm before. It is with great joy that we now open up our travels to all, and share the incredible wonders we have seen with our own eyes in that ancient land.