Patterns of Evidence:  The Red Sea Miracle (Film #2)


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Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle (Film #2)

UPDATED MAY 5 2020: The 4th in the series of Patterns of Evidence films was set to play as a Fathom Event in cinemas all across the country Tuesday evening, May 5th at 7 pm. However, due to Covid-19, it has been postponed to a yet future date. We are greatly looking forward to the scheduling …

28 Years Ago Today – The Split Rock

It is almost impossible to believe that it has been 28 years since we first laid eyes on the Split Rock. Yet, that is exactly how long it has been. It was a day we will never forget. Sometimes when you think you’re heading in a certain direction to accomplish a planned mission, something entirely …
Harrowing events on Mt. Horeb

Lessons from the Heights – Mt. Horeb

In going over our friend’s journals recently with their climb up Mt. Horeb (Jebel Lawz), I was reminded of some of the harrowing events Jim and I went through in our own experience with that incredible mountain. I write daily devotions on occasion, and I thought I would share one here as it directly relates …
Man standing at Jebel Lawz

Climbing Jebel Lawz: Then & Now

Jebel Al Lawz.  The towering, jagged highpoint of all the mountains of northwest Arabia.  I shared yesterday about Jebel Maqla, which in itself is not a walk in the park, per se.  But this one!  Jebel Lawz! Mt. Horeb of Biblical fame! WOW!  The high and inaccessible one!  Fraught with precipices that plunge thousands of feet …

Climbing Jebel Maqla: Then & Now

I will never forget the first time we made it up to the top of Jebel Maqla. (Mt. Sinai)  It was a phenomenal accomplishment for us in so many ways.  The view was amazing, and we could actually see all the way back to the Gulf of Aqaba and Egypt beyond.  Suddenly we could clearly …
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New JimAndPenny Caldwell YouTube Channel!

Well, Jim & Penny finally did it! They started a YouTube channel. It is their OFFICIAL channel, and will eventually include a great deal of never before seen personal video from their family archive. Check it out, and feel free to subscribe and like!
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News from Saudi Arabia

Over the last couple of years, a real breakthrough has taken place in the Jebel Lawz region of Arabia!  Several individuals have been able to see the area and the remarkable sites we have explored over the years.  We have great hope that this trend will continue, and that the area will be legitimately opened …


Split Rock Research Foundation was founded by Jim and Penny Caldwell.
Living for twelve years in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, their extensive
desert travels have unearthed an amazing trail of ancient Biblical evidence
buried beneath the sands or locked behind barbed wire fences. Much of
this deals with the subject of relocating the real Mount Sinai to the
northern Hejaz mountain range of northwest Arabia.

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